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2018 Tax Software Survey

No more short form or EZ form, beginning 2018

2018 Wisconsin “Draft” Forms & Schedules


New 2018 tax laws from Wisconsin Tax Bulletins:

WTB #199 (October 2017)

    Beginning 1-1-18, Wisconsin follows Federal law as regards a tax-free qualified charitable distribution from an IRA directly to a charitable organization.

    Beginning 1-1-18, “disqualified losses” must be included in household income (Homestead Credit). See WTB #199, page 12 (PDF).

WTB #200 (January 2018)


WTB #201 (April 2018)

    Beginning 1-1-18, the Wisconsin reference to Federal’s Internal Revenue Code is updated to the IRC as of 12-31-17.

    Provisions of the Federal Tax Cut & Jobs Act of 2017 that apply to Wisconsin beginning 1-1-18 (PDF)

    Wisconsin AMT exemption & phase-outs are federalized for 2018. Wisconsin AMT is discontinued completely beginning 2019.

    Beginning 4-5-18, expenses allowed for establishing a College Savings Account now include tuition at elementary or secondary public, private, or religious schools.

    Beginning 1-1-18, a subtraction may NOT be claimed for Private School Tuition if the source of payments is withdrawn from a College Savings Account.

WTB #202 (July 2018)


WTB #203 (Oct 2018)

    Not yet released