Federal - Check on status of refund
Wisconsin - Check on status of refund

Federal Tax Links

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

IRS Web Site

IRS Contact Information for Wisconsin Residents

Congressional Activities (e.g. new tax laws)

U.S. Representatives Law Library - Search the Tax Code

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions (Cornell)

IRS List of Exempt Nonprofit Organizations

Saving for College (529 Plans in Detail)

Small Business Taxes & Management

Tax Almanac - Free online Federal tax research

Tax Analysts - Recent Federal Tax News

Tax Policy Center - Tax Facts

Uncle Fed's Tax Board

Wisconsin Tax Links

WDOR E-mail address for Tax Practitioners ONLY!
     Tax Practitioners ONLY = (608) 261-5199

"My Tax Account" Login Page (for Managing Business Accounts)

Estimated Tax Payments to WDOR - Verify Amounts Already Paid

Estimated Tax Payments to WDOR- Authorize Future Payment
   (From this link, click on “PAY ONLINE”)

Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Wisconsin Department of Revenue - Office Locations & Hours

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Wisconsin Constitution

Wisconsin Statutes

Wisconsin Bar - Legal Resources - Tax Law

Madison Property Tax Information

Milwaukee Property Tax Information

Paperless Transmission of Form W-RA & Attachments

Bank Routing Transit Numbers - Wisconsin

Wisconsin Tax Reform

Private Schools in Wisconsin (Wis Dept of Public Instruction)

Tax Planning - State Tax Refund (PDF from 2001 WTG)

Other Tax Links

Bank Savings Rates Comparisons - Madison WI

Check Status of Refunds (Federal & State)

Civil Service Retirement - Change Withholding (Fed & Wis)

Current Currency Exchange Rates

Historical Daily Currency Exchange Rates

Federal Per Diem Allowances - Domestic

Federal Per Diem Allowances - Foreign

Links to Other States' Revenue Departments

Medicare Information

Revenue Canada

Roth IRA or About Roth IRA

Self Help Law Center

Social Security Online

Tax Calculators & Tools (Free from Intuit)

U.S. Savings Bonds Online

Tax Seminars

Back-to-Basics (DePere)

CLEW Tax Workshop (Continuing Legal Education)

Tax Insight (Phil Harris)

CSEA Super Seminar (no Wisconsin coverage)

Tax Planning Software

Back-to-Basic Tax Planner

Tax Tools

Tax Organizations

National Association of Computerized Tax Processors

National Association of Enrolled Agents

National Association of Tax Practitioners - Wisconsin Chapter

Tax Publishers & Suppliers - Vendors

Accountant Stationers & Printers

Accounting Today (WebCPA)

Commerce Clearing House (CCH)

Ernst & Young Tax Services

Lexis-Nexis Publishers - Legal


Practitioners Publishing Company (PPC) - Thomson Reuters

Prentice Hall


Research Institute of America (RIA) - Thomson Reuters


Tax Analysts (Tax Practice)

The Tax Book (former members of Quickfinder)


Thomson Reuters

West Publishing Legal - Thomson



















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